The willingness to train is the skill that creates the opportunity for personal prosperity

The key to the future of your business, your life, and your community.

There are many choices and actions that can support a successful fitness business; the key is to select the actions that support the goals and dreams that are most important to you. It is not only important to have a training plan, to have an action plan, to have a training budget.

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Having a training budget allows you to think about what you need to achieve your goals and what you need to cover over the next six to twelve months. It is good to think about what actions and investments will support your goals, because we are human, we make mistakes, and we make bad decisions. We do not always know the best way to go about things and sometimes we choose a way that is not the best or the best way. Often times we need a kick in the butt to go in a different direction. So sometimes it is good to think about what you need to do to get started, to reach your goal, or to achieve your future with confidence. Fitness businesses need to take responsibility for themselves and they need to take control. For that to happen, you need to have the knowledge and power that is unique to you. You need to have the information that you need to make smart choices - to build your skills, to grow your network and your business, to protect your privacy and to build a loyal customer base.

different direction

You need to have the confidence to go out and meet people, and to have the strength of will to make the tough decisions that are often needed to make business work and to maintain the company's growth. In my 30 plus years, I have been fortunate to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to continue to grow while adding to my education and training.